We are committed to being on the cutting edge when it comes to our curriculum and the ways our students progress safely into world class athletes. As the sport continues to evolve, we will continue to update our curriculum to meet those changes head on. To be safe in Parkour, it’s important to execute skills properly, from the fundamentals to the advanced. When students are grading, this idea is at the forefront of the trainers’ observations, so it’s strongly recommended that students ensure they are prepared for grading. 

Level Information

Feel free to download the skill reference sheets for each level to help you along your Parkour journey!

 Level 1 

Jumps, Falls, and Landings

Level 2

Basic Fundamentals

Level 3

Advanced Fundamentals

Level 4 Traditional

Basic Fundamental Variations

Level 4 Freestyle

Basic Twists and Flips

Level 5 Traditional

Advanced Fundamental Variations

Level 5 Freestyle

Wall Variations

Level 6 Traditional

Advanced Vaults, Ascents, and Descents

Level 6 Freestyle

Advanced Twists and Flips

Level 7

Environmental Awareness, Community, and Leadership

Level 8

Personal Progression and Self Mastery

Parkour Curriculum Levels